The energy saving radiant glass panels are provided with a wireless temperature regulation system by the manufacturer and the power supply lead has a plug at the end. Such panels are an ideal solution for users who seek a convenient supplementary heater which is independent of their current heating system and features the option of easy do-it-yourself installation without requiring any specialized changes to the electrical system yet offers the full convenience of temperature regulation.

It's completely ecological, it's harmless and lasts a lifetime as does not require additives, therefore you save on detergents, softeners, electrical energy and maintenance. Using Newton® you'll guarantee the protection of washing machines, pipes, boilers and heat exchange. It avoids corrosion, it helps the heat exchange, and reduces power and detergents consumption, so the investment can be returned in less than two months. Newton® is amongst those products that make for a new era in household commodities that safeguard the environment.

Newton® is the name of the revolutionary system that solves any lime scale problem once and for all…

Newton® pulverizes lime scale particles preventing them from forming on washing machines, boilers and pipes. All in an easy and ecological way... Newton® creates a magnetic field through which water passes. The water does not undergo chemical changes, instead, the physical shape of the aragonite particles responsible for lime scale are modified making the formation of scaling impossible. Therefore Newton® eliminates lime scale by just running water.