Say good bye to chemical anti lime scale products!
Apply Newton® to the washing machine and you won't need to add chemical anti lime products to each wash anymore, as its action is enough to protect your washing machine. Make remarkable savings while treating the environment with great respect.

80% less damages and maintenance
Using Newton® you'll solve a lot of problems that household appliances may encounter, such as pipe and drum scale, damages to the resistance, electric valve oxidation etc.. you will also avoid the intervention of technicians for the reparations.

70% less softener by using Newton®
Save on the softener quantity by using Newton®. The modified structure of the lime scale will be less aggressive on clothing making them more soft and easy to iron.

Save up to 40% on the electrical bill
Watch your electrical bills get smaller by the day! Newton® acts upon the lime scale keeping the resistance of your household appliances clean, supporting at the same time the thermic exchange between the resistance and the water flow.

You'll be using 35% less detergents
Using Newton® you'll strongly reduce the quantity of detergents in the washing machine, as Newton physically modifies aragonite which is the part responsible for lime scale and the bad result of the washing process.
Less detergent means longer life for your clothing and more brilliant colors.

Analyzing these 5 points we can assert that Newton is a good friend to your family, it will amortize its cost in a short time and will help you save money. Not only that, but the benefits will last for all the duration of its life.
The system does not require any maintenance and you can install it yourself: all you need to do is to screw it to the supply tap and reconnect the inlet pipe of the household appliance or to the main inlet manifold.
We can surely say that Newton is amongst those products that make for a new era in household commodities that safeguard the environment.