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Usually, when it comes to heating, people are most familiar with radiators. And if we already have a heating system installed in our home or at work, why should we opt for an additional heating source?

Here are some of the reasons why:
- There is a need to heat the areas where the radiators are not installed and the heated air does not reach them (bathrooms, summer houses, greenhouses, etc.).
- When heating is required in special or service premises (hallways, utility rooms, duty rooms, guard posts, stairwells, etc.).
- When you don't want to use traditional and expensive oil or gas heating systems and you want to save money.

The heating panels ECORA are made for the ceiling heating of flats, apartments, industrial or business spaces. The heating panel ECORA consists of built-in heating unit NOMATERM (type 1) that is covered with silicon sand. The elegant heating panels are painted in white or natural elox by default. The frames of TPS panels come shaped as the letters "J" and "L".

The NOMATERM unit is placed in a wooden or aluminum frame (in AL types) and is protected at the back side by insulation material covered with aluminum foil. The terminal cable is longer than one half of panel. The heating panel ECORA with wooden frame belongs to 2nd class appliances while those with aluminum frame belong to 1st class appliances. The rear holder is made from zinc-coated plate.

We provide a 2 years warranty period for ECORA TPS, while the heating element benefit from a 6 years warranty period.