Newton® is suitable to any professional or industrial appliance such as dental studios, breeding, food industry, photographic studios etc..

The magnetic anti lime scale Newton® system can be easily applied to any heat exchanger, boilers, washing machines, coffee machines and any other household appliances that are using water to function and are subject to lime scale formation. Newton® can also be used in any civil, industrial and zoo technical plant that work with a water source. Newton® prevents corrosion, improves heat exchange, reduces power and detergent use. It's enough to connect Newton to the pipe network till the achievement of the necessary flow rate.

Anyone can install Newton: all you need to do is to screw it to the supply tap and reconnect the inlet pipe of the household appliance or to the main inlet manifold.

Newton works at different pressures therefore adjusting the flow rate. For a bigger flow rate you need to install multiple manifolds. The magnetic anti lime scale conditioner Newton works without using any external energetic sources and does not require maintenance or additives because it is provided with permanent magnets. Newton has a 1.100 liter/hour flow rate, it works with any pressures, it has a diameter of 40 mm, is 130 mm long and ¾ inch threading on each side for an easy fitting to any use. Thanks to its characteristics Newton is easily connectible to any householders or pipes.