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The principle behind infrared cabins (infrared saunas)
Infrared sauna cabins work on the following principle: the muscle tissue is heated up to a depth of 4 cm. thanks to this deep warming, intensive sweating takes place at a lower air temperature compared to other types of saunas. Thus, during the entire stay of the user, the air temperature rises between 30°C and 55°C and for that reason, infrared saunas can be used either for longer periods of time when the purpose is to eliminate harmful substances from the body or for a shorter while, when we only want to heat the muscle before starting a workout.

Here are some of the benefits of infrared cabins with IRC panels

  • Infrared heating warms up the skin faster and the heat also penetrates deeper into the tissues than heat from hot steam does.
  • Thanks to the lower air temperatures involved, they are also suitable for patients with cardiovascular diseases or respiratory diseases
  • In contrast with other types of saunas, they require considerably lower acquisition costs and have minimum negative influences on the humidity of the surrounding environment .
  • The operating costs are lower by 1/3 to 1/2 in comparison with steam saunas (because up to 80 % of the energy is used for direct heating of the body)
  • IRC radiant panels heat evenly across their entire surface and in contrast to, let's say, ceramic radiators, where the output is concentrated into a small surface with a high temperature, radiant panels provide superior heating of the whole body.
  • Space requirements are minimum: you can install a radiant panel even in areas as small as 1 m² making it suitable for smaller flats as well.

The sauna heater is assembled in a modular that is easy to install and it's not necessary to use special tools in connection with the IRT regulator –providing the option of assembling the infrared cabin without expert assistance.