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Terrace radiant heater have been designed to increase the thermal comfort while spending time outside at restaurant gardens, terraces or on balconies, when spring or autumn temperatures fall below +5°C.

The main strong point of this system is the way it transforms energy into heat and directs it towards the desired region in a controlled, effective and economical way.

The radiant panel casing and heating segments are made of aluminum, treated for anodic oxidation and coated with black matt color in order to provide for high corrosive resistance in highly chemically exposed environments, such as the seaside, car wash facilities etc. Panels are equipped with a two-meter connecting cable ending in a 230V plug. Panels include hinged wall curtains enabling to install the panels in inclined positions. Minimum installation height required is 1.8 m above the floor (lower panel edge); in ceiling installations, the distance between the ceiling and the upper panel edge must be 30 cm. Panels are without regulation; a wireless switch socket V26 (or switch units V23 or V25) can be easily used as regulation, in connection with remote control V20-RC (or wireless thermostat V22 or wireless central unit V24).

Version TH 10 requires 1000W power input; dimensions: 1080 x 140 x 45mm. Version TH 15 requires 1500W power input; dimensions: 1580 x 140 x 45mm. The product has IP 44 coverage for outdoor environment; nevertheless, we do not recommend using it in areas where it is not protected against direct weather impacts, in particular wind which cools down its surface greatly and thus reducing its effect.
You can find more information about the product inside the package, which will contain relevant examples and pictures as to what the product should be used for and where it should be placed.