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Let's find out how the industrial radiant heating panels are built:
The industrial radiant heaters contain heating elements that are made from aluminum pressed-in heating rods. The aluminum segments are covered with a special layer of silicate that increases the scattering of heat energy radiation within the space that needs warming up. In accordance to the output, the panels can be equipped with 1, 2 or 3 segments. Heat insulation is made from mineral cotton wool. Panels are covered with a layer of varnished metal.

The following picture is a microscope photo of the surface of the heating board of the panel after the SILICATING finish has been applied – enlarged 260 times (performed by a BS 340 device).

Colour finish of ST Thermo high-temperature panels
The panels are made from steel sheets and treated with sprayed powder paint in the 9002 RAL tone (Anticor - RAL 9006) which features long-term color stability even when exposed to temperatures of up to 100°C. Other color tones are not produced.