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Panels can be hung from the ceiling using chains or cords attached to brackets, or from the wall at an angle with the aid of tiltable mounting brackets. The brackets are supplied with the panel, unassembled. Metal wall anchors must be used for the attachment of the brackets, chains or cords.

The radiant panel can also be installed at an angle as well as vertically, but it mustn't be installed in such a way that the supply lead and terminal are at the highest point of the panel. There is higher convection of heat when the panel is tilted and this heat would irreversibly damage the electrical equipment of the terminal. Therefore the bottom edge should be at least 180 cm away from the floor, while the top edge should have a distance from the ceiling of at least 30 cm.

Clearance distances from flammable objects:

  • - min. 100 cm from the radiant surface
  • - min. 30 cm from other parts of the panel

The panel mustn't be placed directly under an electric socket.

Connection of the panel

  • The panel is fitted with a 2 m long connection lead with a plug.


In the case of connection to a wiring box, the cutting off of the plug is not a reason for the loss of warranty. In this case, switching-off the device is mandatory and the distance between disconnected contacts should be at least 3.5 mm for all poles that need to be installed in the wiring.

The level of heat and turning on or off the device can be controlled via switches and remote that swap the relays and contactors in the switch board.

The electrical installation must comply with the valid standards of the country where they are installed.


This is limited only to dusting and possibly wiping with a damp cloth and detergent. The radiant surface is not to be cleaned.


Important information

During the first heating of the panel, the surface burns out a little, which can cause a harmless smell (accompanied by smoke) for a period of max. 60 minutes.

Do not touch the heating segments in order not to keep the radiant surfaces clean (if it's absolutely necessary to touch the surface, then do it only when wearing clean textile gloves).

The temperature of the surroundings of the heating panel (the temperature of the surrounding air) mustn't exceed 30°C.

This appliance can only be used around children of 8 years of age and persons with impaired physical, sensory or mental abilities or lack of experience only if they are supervised or have been instructed about the safe use of the appliance and if they understand the possible dangers.

Children must not play with the appliance. The cleaning and maintenance must not be done by unsupervised children.

Children under 3 years of age should be prevented from accessing the appliance, unless they are supervised permanently.

Children aged 3 to 8 can only switch this appliance on/off provided it is placed or installed in its intended normal operating position and if they are supervised or instructed about the dangers the appliance presents if not used accordingly.


Important safety instructions - WARNING

Do not cover the panel under any circumstances. The statement "DO NOT COVER" warns that any material covering the panel may cause a fire!

Some parts of this product may become very hot and cause burns. Special attention must be paid when children or handicapped people are present.


Warranty conditions

Thermonordic provides a 24 month warranty period from the date of sale. The warranty doesn't apply to faults caused by transportation, unsuitable storage or inexpert installation.