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Glass Radiant Heating Panels – A new Era of Luxury

infrared radiant heating panel

Infrared radiant heat: If you’ve ever stood outside on a cold day and got warm thanks to the sunlight, then you have experienced infrared heat. This type of heating panel heats up the surrounding elements and then that warmth is noticeable in room air as well.

infrared radiant heat

Why glass panels?

Available in different sizes and colours Thermonordic Glass IR Panels are not only energy efficient, but stylish and sleek. Infrared glass heating panels are the latest edition to the heating panel market created to satisfy the demand of diverse interior designers. Glass is a timeless material and the glass infrared radiant heating panels were created with the purpose of lighting and heating of homes and apartments but also for various formal interiors, halls or modern offices.

A glass heating panel is composed of 12 mm glass, a heating element, a limiting thermostat (wireless temperature regulation) and a supply cable with a plug at the end. It can be hung both width-wise and height-wise. Everything needed is part of the package (mounting brackets).

glass bedroom heating panel

Benefits of use:

1.       It doesn’t produce any CO2 so it’s an environmentally friendly heating method.

2.       Glass heating panels have proven to reduce heating expenses with up to 12%.

3.       They barely occupy any space because they are made from 12 mm glass or 8 mm if we are talking about the mirror glass panel design.

4.       Very versatile, it can be positioned on diverse surfaces in your home, or even on its own 2 element support.

5.       It’s a favourite heating method for allergy sufferers because dust doesn’t get burnt and is less transported. Infrared heat is healthy heat.

6.       It dries walls and prevents the formation of mold.

7.       Perfect for rooms that are colder than others.

Glass colours: white, black, yellow-green, red and mirror.

glass infrared radiant heating panel design s

Mirror panel? Yes, absolutely! You can even choose a very futuristic lighted mirror panel that you use as a heating panel and mirror. Perfect not only for bathrooms but hallways as well.

These panels are perfect for modern design rooms and users who want an easy to install and use  extra heat source independent of their heating system.

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