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How do I get the right type of infrared radiant heating panels for my home?

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Infrared radiant heating panels are the latest innovation in heating; it’s a simple, reliable way to warm up your rooms without consuming too much energy. Traditional electric convection heaters will consume a lot of energy to keep on and that will cost you a lot of money. This is not the case with IR radiant heating panels; you can keep them on and provide a comfortable temperature for you and your family, staff or even for maintaining the quality of your products. You can use the infrared radiant heating panels for everything!

The Ecora infrared radiant heating panels are 2.5 cm thick and match any room design.

You can use Ecora IR radiant heating panels to bring extra comfort to your home or office by integrating them into your existing heating system. Also, the panels come with a built in temperature sensor that turn it off when the optimum temperature has been reached. If not, you can always upgrade with a thermostat, optimising to your heating system.


Ok, it’s a great new innovation, so what’s the catch? You have to find the appropriate size panel for the size of your rooms. If you choose a panel that is too small, it will not warm up your room sufficiently, if you buy a panel that is too big, then it will overheat your room and you will be consuming energy for no reason. If we are talking about a ceiling panel, then it needs to have 50 watts for every square metre. If we are talking about a wall panel, then it needs to have 60 watts for every square metre.

Important: For ceiling panels you need the help of professionals to install and in the case of wall panels all you have to do is make sure to have them placed near a socket.

1.       When trying to heat a small area: To heat small rooms you have to purchase heating panels of 250 watts, that will heat up a 4 to 5 square metre room depending on where you put the panel (on the wall or the ceiling; it heats more if you hang it by the ceiling but you need professional help to do so).

2.       For medium size rooms: you need 350 – 400 watt panel, which come in different style designs and materials according to the room medium (bathroom or normal room). It will warm up a room of 5 m2 if you hang it on the wall and one of 7 m2 if you hang it from the ceiling.

3.       Heating big rooms like living rooms, hallways: 600 watt per 10 to 12 m2.

4.       Heating panels for large spaces such as storage spaces: 800 – 850 watts is the largest size and its designed to warm up draughty, open plan spaces (one or two panels should do the trick, all you have to do is talk to your Thermonordic supplier for advice and guidance in use). You warm up 13 to 17 m2.

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8 Reasons to Apply Indoor Radiant Heating – winter is here!

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Yes, why should we apply indoor radiant heating now, in the winter time? Because it’s the best kind of heating for any time of the year; you get healthy heat, ideal for people with allergies and has proven to reduce heating expenses with an average of 12%!

For those of you new to the concept of radiant heating panels, it’s a technology that can heat up both outdoor and indoor spaces. How does it work? Just like the sun heats up elements from your environment that then radiate heat. The single difference is that you do it intentionately through radiant heating panels designed and placed to optimally warm up your home.

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  1. Unlike other heating systems with radiant heating systems you get a much less circulation of air inside the rooms and that means less circulation of airborne particles so it’s great for people with allergies.
  2. Even though the air temperature will be lower than when you used a radiator, the perceived temperature will be the same.
  3. Eventually heat migrates from objects to the air and the room temperature stabilises.
  4. You get heat in 3 to 5 minutes because with infrared heating panels you can switch heat on just as if you would the lights in a room.
  5. Not only do you save energy but you can also turn on the heat only in necessary areas of your home and office.
  6. The design of the  infrared/ radiant heating panels blends in perfectly with any house décor.
  7. Lower installation costs, lower energy consumption costs, lower maintenance costs than in the case of other heating systems.
  8. It provides healthier humidity levels.

radiant wall floor panels


Radiant heating systems can be divided into 3 types according to the panels used:

  • Radiant underfloor heating;
  • Radiant wall hearting;
  • Radiant ceiling heating.

Underfloor and wall infrared heating panels are usually used for housing and office heating. The maximum temperature these types of surfaces can reach varies between 29 and 35 °C (84–95 °F) depending on the room size.

Infrared radiant ceiling panels are mostly applied in the case of large spaces such as warehouses, sports centres, and industrial spaces. These are hung by cables a few metres above the floor and the temperature of the surfaces in this case is a little higher than in the case of wall and floor heating.

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